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Relationships never hide!!! or do they?

Relationships: Never Hide or do they?

Sometimes love can run us over. Especially if we’re not confident in who we are, we will be tempted to change who we are in an effort to make the other person happy. We have good intentions. But these intentions come from a tired, limping heart. But here’s the thing: you are beautiful just the way you are. You do not need to change for someone else.

It’s what I like to call the “You Cannot Hide” principle. It means that your heart is beautiful, that you’re beautiful, inside and out. Others can keep their shame. They can shelve their expectations. They can just take their lofty dream person and stick it where the sun don’t shine—because you know what? If they don’t think you don’t measure up, then they probably aren’t the right one for you.

Honesty. It’s such a beautiful idea. To be real, vulnerable, naked, open, genuine. To hold nothing back. To never play games. To keep it real. A dishonest relationship can be damaging, heart breaking, painful—believe me, I know. Like a lot my readers, life has taught me lessons. Some of them were beautiful, and others were painful. But I’m so grateful to be growing. To be able to love with courage.

As important as it is to be true to yourself, it’s also important to find someone who is true to themselves. Who wants to grow close to someone who isn’t being honest about who they really are? Who wants to make love to a dishonest people-pleaser? Who wants to invest in a relationship that’s a pretty façade with no real mirth or meaning behind it? Who wants someone that says “I don’t want to lose you, I’ll do whatever takes”, and their promises fall flat.

Shine, baby. Let your light shine. Stand up and sing your swan song. This is your life and you’ve got a lot of love to give. So give it. And don’t take any bullshit from anybody. Life is to short and to sweet to waste. Let’s dig down deep and live from our hearts. Let’s love bravely. And you know what? If someone doesn’t like it…well, they can just pack their suitcases. It’s time to be real, to never hide again.

Redhead's Rap, NYC  Sherri Rosen Publicity Intl, NYC

Redhead’s Rap, NYC
Sherri Rosen Publicity Intl, NYC

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