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Listening to “Imagine” by Lennon for the upteenth time. Men!Women! do we have to go to war again? by Sherri Rosen


Had to listen to this song over and over today. The men and women in charge are making plans for war again and to strike Syria!! Sure, what’s going on there
is horrendous, but is dropping bombs and killing more innocent people the answer? I continuously have this point of view about communication
and ask myself why can’t these guys come to the table and talk and prevent another Iraq. Is it just about war being a money making machine?

So I turn to my music when I feel totally helpless in certain situations. I cannot change the world, I can only change myself and share what I
know with my writing. What is it that makes us do the same thing over and over again without learning from our past mistakes? Is this another situation
where the corporations who run our country are making this decision about more war?

A few weeks ago people on FB and Twitter were going crazy over Miley Cyrus and her “twerking” and I was getting more nauseous that we are so easily
distracted by the more serious of issues. Or is that the point that we need these distractions because the thought of another war is so horrible?

And I ask where do we turn to find the truth about what is really going on in Syria? I search online for some truthful sources, and go to Common Dreams
and to The Good Men Project and Elephant Journal to find some element of truth, but it still doesn’t make me feel any better, because I know that we the people,
us men and women, have lost our power to the corporations in our country and we have become this greedy money machine that will do just about anything for more
and more money.

I used to live in downtown Brooklyn, a borough of New York City and while there I got involved in politics and saw how the system was then and how
the politicians spoke out of both sides of their mouth, and it turned me off. I had been a delegate at the Democratic National Convention, and the flak
that I got from the community for running and the flak that I witnessed politicians spewing was enough to turn me off to politics. The folks in Brooklyn
had wanted me to run for Assemblywoman in the district that i was in, but just could not deal with all of the BS. And this is to also say that we need
good people in politics. But I knew enough about myself at the time that I couldn’t deal with all of the lies et al. Another reason I turned to writing.
I felt I could make more of a contribution in my writing than in politics.

So here we are again. On the precipice of another war and I keep asking Men! Women! Why are we going to war again?

The author of this piece

The author of this piece

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