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Listening to “Imagine” by Lennon for the upteenth time. Men!Women! do we have to go to war again? by Sherri Rosen

Imagine Had to listen to this song over and over today. The men and women in charge are making plans for war again and to strike Syria!! Sure, what's going on there is horrendous, but is dropping bombs and killing more innocent people the...

Open Letter to Mayor Cory Booker

If elected to the Senate. What would you do about what is happening? Redhead's Rap-I was hoping Obama would be a different kind of president his 2nd term around, but I realize he is allowing the rich to continuously take over this country and...

Our Country Is Quickly Falling Apart

I don't know much about politics because for me, most of the time, it's a load of crap, but what's happening now is hitting me and hitting me hard. I have never felt so compelled to write an article like this. I have always looked at the bright...




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