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The Bottom Line of Publicity by Sherri Rosen, Sherri Rosen Publicity Intl, NYC

Whether and ebook, hard cover or soft cover, you need someone who cares doing publicity for your book.

Whether and ebook, hard cover or soft cover, you need someone who cares doing publicity for your book.

Lately we’ve been asking ourselves an honest question: What determines a great publicist for a mediocre one? It’s not how loud they are or how much noise they make. It’s not simply if they can get the word out to as many people as possible. What determines a great publicist from a mediocre one is they can get it to the right people, in the right venues, at the right time. A great publicist knows not only your project, but your audience. A great publicist can craft an unforgettable message.

Imagine publicity. Your style. Your natural fit. Your price. And always your personal satisfaction. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? We thought so too. So every day we strive to be a true custom publicist. We are intensely focused on delivering your project through our comprehensive approach. We carefully review each new set of our authors’ projects and create your unique template like a custom suit—hand cut, then sewn together according to our strict quality standards and delivered to the media with joy and zest. Custom, tailor-made, made-to-measure publicity.

Anybody can do an email blast. Anybody can grab a noise-making device and blow hard. These methods might get attention, but not the kind of attention you want, not a positive and lasting attention. Sure, do-it-yourself publicity is on the rise. But nothing sends a clearer message about your project and its inherent worth than a custom-made professional publicity campaign. Custom publicity can convey your message powerfully. It’s publicity that’s made to stick.

Publicity can be intimidating, not to mention expensive. So if you don’t know the difference between a one-size-fits-all and a made-to-measure approach, don’t worry—we love to share our passion for publicity. We love the entire creation process, the launch, and the follow-through of publicity. In the end, it is a transformative experience. And we want to introduce you to the pleasure of a well-made, personalized publicity campaign, a campaign made exclusively for you from the finest methods in the world.

So how do you know who’s good? Is it worth the money? Should I take a package deal? Where can you turn for good publicity? These are good questions.

It comes down to one test question: Will they make custom campaigns lovingly crafted for your project? The bottom line in successful publicity could be summed up in a word: care. Does your publicist care about your work and your success? Hiring a publicist on takes a personal interest in you, your book and designing to your needs and not guerilla marketing on your behalf is key. Sure, the publicist can guerilla market also, but you want someone that will design specifically for you and your needs. The bottom line in successful publicity is care.

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