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Writer’s Runs by Guest Blogger, Edie Weinstein, for Sherri Rosen Publicity Intl, NYC

By Edie Weinstein
I am honored to have been invited to come play in Sherri’s yard with my mental meanderings and musings. Writing is one of my passions and my primary purpose this time around. As a child, I carried books around like many children tote teddy bears and bear blankies. They were familiar friends and colorful companions that over the years would transport me to worlds I couldn’t visit in physical reality; fantasy and frolic that weren’t in the perview at the time of the suburban child of the 60’s who remains a tree hugging hippie as she approaches her 55th birthday at the end of this week. Creative writing exercises were among my favorites throughout my formal education and yet I never imagined making a living being a journalist and author. When I graduated High School, I earned degrees in Psychology and Social Work. It wasn’t until 1988 when, with my husband, I launched a magazine that focused on wellness and spirituality, when I could let my undercover desires out to play. It was Visions Magazine that opened the door to the interviews I was blessed to do with movers and shakers such as Ram Dass, Marianne Williamson, Debbie Ford, Jack Canfield, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay, Shirley MacLaine and His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
That time afforded me a window into the worlds of those whose books had nourished my soul and inspired me to live fully and richly each day. Someone had asked me last year if I always surround myself with books, music and people that keep me going. The answer was an immediate and hardy YES!
One of the things for which I am grateful is that I never get the dreaded ‘writer’s block’ in which my thoughts stagnate like so much cerebral constipation. I was chatting on line last night with a best- selling author friend whose genre is horror/suspense and we agreed that we choose not to believe in that concept. It is the same for me when someone claims to be bored. How is that possible when there is so much in the world that is fascinating that calls to us to pay attention to it? I find that I have writer’s runs when the Muse shouts so boldly that there is no way to ignore it. I can’t NOT write and often, like an insatiably amorous lover, it awakens me when the moon is still high in the sky and the sun is still undercover and demands to be satisfied. What choice do I have but to sigh and surrender in pleasure?

Edie Weinstein is a colorfully creative journalist and dynamic transformational speaker, as well as Licensed Social Worker, therapist, interfaith minister, radio host of It’s All About Relationships on Vivid Life Radio, BLISS Coach and PR Goddess. She is an ‘opti-mystic’ who sees the world through the eyes of possibility. Www.LiveInJoy.Org

The author of this blog

The author of this blog

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