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20 Facts Publicist and Client Need To Know-Sherri Rosen Publicity Intl, NYC

1. If you’re working on a book is it new or old.

2. If client has won an award and making a big deal about it, is it really a big deal award.

3. Do not omit important information on either side. It could come back to haunt you.

4. If there is false information in a press release, and client knows and publicist does not or vice versa, be upfront!

5. If either client or publicist is being interviewed and gives out incorrect info and is called on it. Own it!

6. Do not sabotage your project by getting in your own way.

7. Publicist and client must have clear communication with one another in the form of a written agreement.

8. Always keep one another aware of what is going on with the project.

9. If you don’t like the pitch in the press release, tell publicist to change it and if he/she won’t, time to get a new publicist.

10. Do not put untruths in a press release.

11. Publicist is not to make guarantees he/ she cannot keep.

12. If you do not like one another, stop working together.

13. Example: if old news and client wants to get on national shows, be straight with client on the challenges to that.

14. It’s a business relationship. Be honest with each other and do not take things personally.

15. Client needs to get references from publicist.

17. Sometimes if publicist is unsure about client get references from people they have worked with.

18. If you do not like the project or it feels dishonest, do not take it on.

19. Do not mix business with pleasure until business is completed.

20. Try to have your business meetings in an open and beautiful meeting place such as a fine hotel or restaurant.

The author of this blog.

The author of this blog.

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