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Can you give me a guarantee? by Sherri Rosen, Sherri Rosen Publicity Intl, NYC

Growth is messy and dangerous. Life is messy and dangerous. When we insist on a guarantee, an ever-increasing standard in everything we measure and a Hollywood ending, we get none of those. Seth Godin

How many clients have called to speak to me about working with them and one of the questions is “can you give me a guarantee?” My response always is the truth: No, I can’t. I would be lying to you if I gave you a guarantee. Then there is either silence on the phone and the person thanks me for being upfront or I hear “ok thank you very much for your time.”

I truly get how dangerous and messy it is out there whether a first time author, dating online, beginning a new company, or creating new ideas.

I’ve done all of the above and its’ damn scary. Yes, and I would have loved a guarantee that my book would sell or even better go onto The The New York Times Bestseller List,
meet the person of my dreams, be an overnight success with my company, and sell my ideas quickly. But none of this happened. In most cases it took a lot of hard work,
having confidence and faith in what I was doing and no expectations. But with all of the above, there are always exceptions to the rule.

If I always wanted to play it safe, keep my life orderly and squeaky clean, I never would have opened up my company l4 years ago, I never would have done any online dating, I never would have written and published any books..

I have spoken to people who have said to me “it’s not the right time. I want to wait until I have more experience writing before I publish my book.” Or with online dating “I want to wait until I lose 20 lbs”, or “there is so much competition in NYC how could I ever have my own business?”

Actually one thing I disagree with in the above quote is it’s been a long time since i’ve witnessed a Hollywood ending that I would want happen to me. Years ago the films always ended happily ever after, but nowadays, at least with the films I’ve seen, they can be messy and dangerous.

I’ve always wanted growth in my life. I never wanted to look back and have regrets that I never tried or I never took that risk. What I have realized through my growth is that it’s damn hard, and in order to truly grow one has to be honest with themselves and others, and let go of expectations, otherwise all that life becomes and never changes is messy and dangerous.

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