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If You Think Traditional Media Is Dead-You Are Dead Wrong-Sherri Rosen Publicity

If you think that traditional media is dead–you’re dead wrong!!!!

People are consuming media more than ever now- TV, radio, books, newspapers, magazines, and reviews. Traditional media is going digital, but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s dead. Landing an interview on a TV or radio show is key to getting yourself out there. And of course, a coveted book review in the New York Times is priceless and will get you that special coverage you’re striving for.

Media expert Alison Hill highlights that traditional media has never held such an authoritative position as it does now. In the Internet age, where virtually anyone can write a blog, and become a ‘film director’ by uploading their video onto YouTube, getting a spot on a reliable traditional media outlet is as valuable as ever.

Traditional media sift out the best- they get the experts, people with experience and credibility to their name. They do this, in large part, because they have to. These media channels usually have a large, established following, and therefore, their audience relies on them for creative content & credibility. In other words, someone who has been featured on CBS or NPR has a much higher standing than someone who just has their own blog and a bunch of Facebook followers, because anyone can have that!

A successful publicity campaign is about exposing yourself to as much of your target audience as possible. Landing an interview on a hit show can give you 10,000 views in just 2 minutes, whereas it can take years to grow a social following of that size.

Social media should be seen as a key promotional tool in facilitating a multi-faceted, rich marketing campaign. Social media networks should be used to draw attention & create hype around your latest book or interview, but it can’t be solely relied on to get yourself out there.
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