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Is Investing In Publicity Worth It? by Sherri & Joelle, Sherri Rosen Publicity Intl, NYC

Is Investing in Publicity Worth It?

You might be the next J.K Rowling, Madonna or Steve Jobs, but if no one knows about what you can offer to the world, than your skills are going to waste. Investing in an intelligent, honest and dedicated publicist therefore, becomes a necessity rather than what people often mistaken it to be – a luxury.

You must think of any kind of publicity that you do for yourself as a way of giving a foundation to your business, whether it be as a writer, musician, actor, lawyer, doctor, or any profession. How will anyone know about the powerful things you are doing in the world if you don’t invest in yourself and obtain decent publicity? So now the big question- WHY?

Why should I invest in a publicist? I have a solid number of contacts on my email list; I’m active on Facebook and Twitter. I can do it all on my own, can’t I?

Here are 3 simple reasons why we think investing in a good publicist is better for you. It all boils down to saving you a lot of time and money.

1. Focus on your talent: you have a specific skill set and that’s where your time and energy should be directed. Your job is to continue growing and deepening your expertise, so that when the time comes to publicize it, you have something to show for. Choosing to take on publicity yourself means that you will have a lot less time to focus on your career, which means compromising your business and by consequence losing money in the meantime.

2. Publicity is strategic: we think that having active and engaging social media networks is going to land us a spot on Oprah. Better yet, sometimes we get carried away with what we broadcast on our sites, and it could mean a disastrous PR move that will affect our business. An experienced publicist will not only offer you the tools and advice on how to manage the image you want to convey to the world, but will also take charge (under your consent) of any promotional material that needs to be publicized. Your publicist will also be able to search for and reach out to a target demographic and key contacts that you may have otherwise neglected.

3. Who needs that extra trouble? It’s hard enough juggling a career and a personal life in our day and age, why take on an extra endeavour and compromise your sanity? A good publicist is someone you can trust. Set the terms straight before hiring someone so that you’re calm and confident investing in someone you know is working hard for you.

It is important to make an investment in you. Don’t limit yourself!!! Share the powerful things you are doing in the world. How will you do that?

By including in your budget the ability to hire a powerful publicist to create a buzz for you.





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