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What Makes A Great Publicist!! Sherri Rosen Publicity Intl, NYC

A great publicist is hard to come by these days. There are so many publicity firms out there that claim to guarantee the success of their clients and charge a hefty dollar for it, only to leave the client feeling neglected, disappointed and financially depleted. So how do we distinguish between a mediocre publicist from one who is first-rate?

Your publicist should begin typically by assessing your content in order to design a customized publicity campaign that suits your needs and public. This means assessing the size of the campaign, the publicity channels needed to reach the targeted audience, creating a press release to send out via email, compiling a list of press contacts to pitch the material to and finally, to evaluate the cost of the entire endeavor. The publicist needs to be transparent with you. By that I mean, letting you know on a day to day basis when the project begins exactly what is being done.

Choose someone who you see is genuinely passionate about your project. If they’re not than they won’t have the drive to promote your material, especially when times get rough and they don’t see immediate results from your campaign. Take the example of “Chicken Soup for the Soul,” which got rejected 33 consecutive times from publishing houses. Health Communications took a chance on the now multimillion dollar series because they believed in their project. The rest as you know is history. A publicist who is passionate about your work will ensure they try all different avenues before “giving up on you.” And, make sure the publicist wants to read through your book so they know exactly what they are talking about.

In all aspects of life, you always want to work with someone honest. Honesty doesn’t mean being brutal and stepping on a client’s toes- it means being honest in business dealings and having the courage to tell the client that they can only go so far with the project. An honest person will want to ensure you benefit of their service to the maximum.

It’s advisable to choose a publicist who has a past track record of successful publicity campaigns and a well-developed network of contacts.

Finally, an exceptional publicist will offer you financial flexibility in terms of repaying the service fee you owe them. Publicity costs money because it’s a big, time consuming job so if it’s too financially burdensome for you than try to find someone who can arrange for you a feasible payment plan. The expense will pay off in the long haul by hiring a publicist who knows what they are doing.

Best of luck on finding that great publicist!
Sherri & Joelle
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