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“Publicity From The Trenches” by Sherri Rosen

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(For Published And Self Published Authors)
by veteran publicist, Sherri Rosen

How many times have I spoken to published and self published authors about their new book coming out, and they don’t have a clue about what their publisher is doing for them or have no idea about their publicity budget. This new book tells readers what they need to know regarding the basics of publicity.

In this book I have given you my knowledge from 30 years being in publicity, 17 of which I have had my own publicity business in NYC: Sherri Rosen Publicity Intl, NYC! The book is scheduled for release May 1, 20l5. It’s also available for pre-order in ebook or soft cover.

It’s basic questions to ask yourself as an author, so that when your book is ready you have the right questions to ask. You will have a basic knowledge of the business of publicity.

Your books are your babies! You’ve done all of this hard work in writing it! Now you must understand how important publicity is and what you need to know.

Honestly, I am so grateful to have prevented so many clients or potential clients from making major mistakes when it comes to publicity for themselves, their business or their books.

About Sherri: Sherri-Orange-IMG_0194

Sherri Rosen has had her own publicity firm in NYC for 17 years, giving a powerful voice to people that are doing good things in the world. Her very first client was on the NY Times Bestseller List for 63 weeks. “Publicity from the Trenches” will be Sherri’s third book. She is a powerhouse on interviews in radio, television, book signings, et al. She now resides in Harlem, NYC and loves the diversity and the creativity in her neighborhood–the same as in her business. She works with people all over the world.

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  1. Randolph Jerkins Says:

    You may from time to time, consider you have read through books, that other people have not read and maybe few others have actually heard of, what’s important, is that you’ve entered them and come from that experience enriched for it. Emerging as you become emboldened through the experience of sharing in a different perspective for a time, that’s the real power of a great book!

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