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This Is For All Of Us–We Are All In This Together by Sherri Rosen

I try to take in my blessings when my life is going great!!!

I do feel blessed when my life isn’t going so great!!! Not that a lousy part of my life is a gift, but it’s part of my life. Life keeps changing!

I try to remember the best friend I can have is myself so I try to be kind and loving to myself!

If I have been unkind to myself or others I know each moment I am given another opportunity to change that!

If I have a loving family I am blessed!

If my family isn’t the way I would like it to be please know I need to accept the situation as it is because if I don’t i will always be in pain.

If I or someone I know needs my assistance or kindness and cannot ask I offer it to them even if they say no thank you.

I know many people cannot ask for help–so i try to be their healing salve and reach out to them, even sometimes if they don’t want it!!

If I am jealous or uncomfortable around someone I think has it all– I think again–I know we all have our own battles that many will not know about!

If I love someone and I cannot say it to then I take the time to write them a letter–the old fashioned way.

If I can say “I love you” I say it as many times as I can to the people I love!! I want to leave a legacy of love!

If I compare myself to others I will lose! Why! Because I am unique! When I understand that the comparisons all fade away.

If I am alone or with someone I allow myself to have love in my heart–even at times when I don’t want to!

If I see couples and I am alone and I feel they have it better than me- I-know it’s not easy being a couple and not easy being alone!

If I see qualities in myself that I don’t like-the first thing is for me to accept them, the second thing is to take action and try to change.

If I experience my limitations I try not to be unkind to myself and I try the best I can to accept them, sometimes I don’t do a good job.

If someone I know is sick I show them love and care anyway I know how even if they don’t ask for it!

I know that feeling alone even if I am in a couple or I am alone is a part of being alive. I no longer try to block the feelings of aloneness out of my life.

I know the difference between alone and lonely. If I feel lonely I know there is something I am not giving myself.

If my family feels I am not the way they would like me to be I am learning to accept that just as I am learning to accept them!

When people see me and know me they know someone who is strong but isn’t afraid to fall apart! And I do! Believe me I do!!!

I am learning to not take everything personally and again to understand that people have their own battles they are fighting. That has nothing to do with me.

I know I have been given this one life and I am trying to do the best I can!
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