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When I Fall In Love by Sherri Rosen

The title of my story “When I Fall In Love” comes from an old song sung by Nat King Cole, and then done  many years later virtually, after Nat King Cole died, with his daughter, the talented, Natalie Cole. They both were amazing and gifted singers.  I am putting in the link to share this beauty with you.

This is during the time I was feeling my way towards love.  My very first special love, let’s call him Robert, was when I was 18 years old. I met him the summer before I went away to college.  I grew up in a place called Lynn, Mass and lived a block away from the ocean (which I am sorry to say today is polluted). At the time many of us from the North Shore used to gather at this tiny beach called Fisherman’s Beach.  I would always go an hangout with my friends and sometimes meet some cute guys that I would eventually date.  This particular weekend was the last day of July and I spotted this amazing looking guy with dirty blond hair, gorgeous blue eyes and the most amazing reddish brown tan I had ever seen on a white guy.  Unbeknownst to me this amazing looking guy spotted me also. What we had in common was a mutual friend, named Judy.  Robert saw Judy on the beach and told her he would like to meet me as he pointed me out to Judy.  Later that day Judy came over to me and told me what happened. Asked me if I was interested and i said “yes.” So Judy setup a small party at her home the following weekend where she lived in Salem, Mass.
I was in a flurry for an entire week of what to wear that Saturday coming to meet Robert.  I decided to wear an orange sun dress I had that showed off my tan.  When I got to Judy’s home that day, climbed 2 flights of stairs, knocked on her door, she opened, we hugged and then she took me into her living room and there was Robert. He stood 6ft, dressed in a black t-shirt, pale yellow bermuda shorts, black knee socks and again the bluest eyes I ever saw in my entire life.  From the first moment we met, there was instant chemistry and we talked and talked the afternoon away.  When it was time to leave, Robert said goodbye and asked if he could call me and of course I said “yes.”  I stayed over Judy’s house that night and all I could talk about was Robert.  I’m sure I nauseated my friend with all of my incessant talk about Robert but I was “feeling him.”
After that day we spoke every day and saw one another almost every single day before I left for college.  I was working as a floater in cosmetics in the store called Jordan Marsh and would always bring home so many cosmetics for myself, my sister and my mom.  A floater would be sent to different cosmetic counters each day and this particular day I was working at the Estee Lauder counter. I was showing a customer our latest perfume and I looked up and there was Robert standing not too far away from me, dressed in a blue blazer, white shirt and white pants.  Wow! when I saw him I almost swooned but had to be sure to concentrate on my customer.  Robert continued to watch me until I was finished with the customer and came over, whispered that “he loved me” and said he wanted to drive me home.
When alone at home I would constantly play the song “When I Fall In Love” and dance around the house with a broomstick (which of course was Robert) and swoon, swoon, swoon.  I had never felt like this before and I had never met anyone quite like him.
To make things more romantic for me, Robert worked as a music librarian at WBZ radio in Boston. A big radio station then and still is today.  He would bring me home lots of albums he would get at the station and in those days it was all vinyl.  Occasionally I would go to the station while he was working and get to meet some very famous people at the time. Sometimes movie stars, many times famous singers at the time.  I was like a little kid in a candy store in constant awe and amazement at age 18.  How did I get so lucky?
Each time we were together we would be holding hands, kissing one another and just wrapped up in one another’s arms.  I thought I was the luckiest gal in the world.
It’s interesting but I didn’t realize at the time how beautiful I was and so I was constantly surprised when I would see photos of Robert and I together and thought to myself “what a gorgeous looking couple.”  It took me until the age of 30 to realize just how beautiful I had become.
I know my emphasis on looks comes from my entire family. They were constantly looking at people’s appearances, how they dressed, their hair, their makeup and the women in my family always dressed for men, and maybe a little bit for themselves.  It took me years to finally realize I was not a carbon copy of the women in my family and I could dress the way I wanted to dress and as I matured I began dressing for me.  I found a freedom and creativity in being able to dress in my own kind of style.
I eventually met Robert’s family where they lived in Chelsea, Ma  which was a blue collar town at the time.  His family took me in as their own. I fell in love with all of them especially his mum and dad.  His mum was very gregarious and his dad was very soft spoken. Mum loved to cook and she made all of these down home Jewish foods that I totally loved. Potatoe Latkes (flat fried pancakes made out of grated potatoes and matzo meal), Kugle (make with noodles, eggs, cream choose, cottage cheese, sugar, butter, and last but not least farmer’s cheese,  chocolate chip cookies (that wasn’t Jewish), but his mum knew I loved them, and always had a container of them for me in the kitchen  whenever I visited.  For Robert’s parents eating like that for many years was to not go well for their health.  But at this time it was all good and so delicious.
It was exciting time for me. Newly in love, feeling as though the world was so joyful and never wanting these feelings to end.

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