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Sherri Rosen interviews Author Kiel Barnekov about his new book, “Shepherds of Destiny” -a book for our times conquering evil!


Sherri Rosen: What made you decide to write Shepherds of Destiny?


Kiel BarnekovI have always enjoyed writing. I wrote my first book – a child’s book in the 1980s. I sent it to several publishers but none accepted it. Since I left the business world in 2018, I finally had time to focus on writing.


Sherri: How did you come up with the story line for Shepherds?


Kiel: I have always been a fan of history. We have had many what I consider near misses that had they gone wrong, we probably wouldn’t be here today. I wanted to call attention to those that had a potentially catastrophic outcome.


Sherri: You left a career in the business world. What business were you in?


Kiel: I spent over forty years in the aviation industry and over 30 years of that in aviation information technology. At one point in my career I oversaw the technology program for a major airline’s airport operations. My last 18 years I spent in the airport industry.


Sherri: In your book you describe the effects of ALS in detail. What made you chose ALS over other illnesses for the catalyst to launch your cyborgs?


Kiel: I had a colleague and good friend suffer and die from ALS. To watch a man, a pilot actually, suffer that disease left an impression that I’ve never forgotten.


Sherri: The idea of downloading a human mind to an electronic brain, a cyborg, by the year 2040 seems implausible. How could such a feat be accomplished so soon?


Kiel: We have seen near-miracle accomplishments in medicine in the past forty years and the speed of achievements in the medical field is rapidly increasing. I actually got the idea from a futurist, Ray Kurzweil, over a decade ago.


Sherri: Why did you choose the demise of Stonewall Jackson as the catalyst for changing the history of the Civil War?


Kiel: In 2018 I began to focus on the history of the war, particularly the roles the great generals played. Jackson and Robert E. Lee were perhaps the greatest generals of the war. Together, the seemed unstoppable. Many historians believe the outcome of the war would have been different had Jackson lived.


Sherri: Same question with regard to Churchill in World War II.


Kiel: Everyone in Churchill’s war cabinet was pushing hard for a negotiated peace with Hitler. Churchill considered it but ultimately rejected that and decided to fight instead of surrender. I consider that decision the pivotal moment that enabled the allies to defeat Hitler.


Sherri: You seem to have been influenced by the recent news pointing to the social media giants as complicit in pushing propaganda to influence the outcome of elections against conservative candidates.


Kiel: Yes. I took that concept further and applied futuristic technology that could be used to force people unknowingly to perform acts they otherwise may not. It was fun, actually, painting the technology moguls as agents of evil.


Sherri: You left the outcome of the battle between good and evil hanging.


Kiel: Yes, I want to extend the battle into Books 2 and 3, at a minimum.


When do you expect to publish the next book in the series?


I am writing Book 2 now with the intent of publishing early in 2020. Perhaps capture the mood of the election in both Book 2 and Book 3.


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    Sherri Rosen interviews Author Kiel Barnekov about his new book, "Shepherds of Destiny" -a book for our times conquering evil! – Sherri Rosen Publicity – New York City

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