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Podcasts with Bob Keeton and Sherri Rosen for media and potential clients: “What We Can Do For You”

Soon Bob Keeten and Sherri Rosen will be making available Podcosts for the media and potential clients called, "What We Can Do For You". Please check back soon to see when they will be made...

A Media Perspective on Publicity


Veteran New York Publicist, Sherri Rosen, Speaks About Writing, Self-Publishing & Publicity

How many of you enjoy sex? Spirituality? Relationships? How many of you know anything about these three subjects? If you feel you do, write about it. Write about what you know, about your personal experiences, your truth, find your voice! Have you...

5 Things An Author Can Do For Publicity

Find out if any events tie in with your book. Visit with bookstore contacts who set up book signings. Begin a client newsletter and send copies to the media. Send away for advance editorial calendars. Become an expert in a certain...

5 Things To Look For In A Good Publicist

Is she / he excited about your work? Is she/he congenial and friendly? Are phone calls returned promptly? Does she/he treat you respectfully? What is her/his track...




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