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“Our tragedy isn’t the brutality of evil people, but rather the silence of good folks”

How many times have we heard of horrible things happening in a person’s life, only to hear that they have been living under the oppressive burden of denial for years. Or how often have we heard of a family who has suffered from abuse, or a tragic...

Courage into the unknown

Courage into the Unknown So much of life is beyond our control—whether the bus will be on time, or if the price of gas will go up, if the business merger will happen, or we’ll ever meet someone we could spend a life with. Sometimes no matter...

Why I wrote this inspirational rap song “Give me your truth”

I have always wanted to have a publicity business built on a strong foundation of honesty—honesty with my clients, honesty with the media, honesty with the works we celebrate. This is the same desire I have in my personal relationships. If I...




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