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Why I wrote this inspirational rap song “Give me your truth”

I have always wanted to have a publicity business built on a strong foundation of honesty—honesty with my clients, honesty with the media, honesty with the works we celebrate. This is the same desire I have in my personal relationships. If I am not going to be genuine I am just feeding a false story and coming from a place of (to put it frankly) bullshit.

And that’s what this new inspirational rap song is all about: tearing down the lies and the pretences and the veneers that cover the truth. Why? So that we can love each other better. So that we can live life like we should.

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that if I do not have an honest vision of what I want, I will never get it. If I don’t have a clear vision of what I am working for, just what it is that I’m after, I’ll be wandering around aimlessly. Am I coming from a desperate place, or from a place of health? Am I being artless and unaffected, am I being kosher to who I am, or am I just playing games? Am I being sincere and open, or am I being (even subtly) deceitful and inauthentic? 

If I am only living from my personal and habitual story, without anything bigger to live for than myself, than I will always repeat the same, lonely patterns of my past. Sometimes these patterns repeat pain and heartache.

And so this is what my new rap song Give Me Your Truth is all about. In our personal and business lives we must be honest with ourselves and with others. If we are not honest, we are living in a world of masks and costumes.

In both business and personal relationships, I’ve learned that if we are not genuine we will only create problems for everyone. Every day I strive to throw off any camouflage and cover-ups, and false faces, and to stand as naked and honest as I can. Whether in my speech, in my publicity, in my relationships, in my art, I want to be straightforward and open. Period.  

Lyrics by: Sherri Rosen & Rohan Codling, Music by Chris Collins, Mix by Sonic Union

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2 Responses to “Why I wrote this inspirational rap song “Give me your truth””

  1. Ann Tatlock Says:

    Very cool, Sherry! I love it!

  2. Nancy Lown Says:

    It’s good, Sherri — I like it!

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