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How & Why To Build An Online Platform-4 Simple Ways by Sherri & Joelle

Building an Online Platform Creating a platform for yourself online might seem intimidating- many thoughts may come through your mind: “why do I need to put myself out there?” “Who really cares about who I am and what I have to say?”...

A 20 Yr Old Woman’s Response to “Ripe”-Aging Out Loud

I created an eBook called "Ripe" with 12 images of myself on aging with grace, authenticity and aliveness. The book was mainly created for my own self-healing and to share with just some of the men and women in my life. I always knew it was not...

“Ripe” Is Becoming A Much Bigger Dream

When I first began creating the ebook called "Ripe" (12 nudes and semi-nudes on aging with grace, authenticity and aliveness) it was totally about my healing, and my appreciating my beauty and who I have become. I knew that I did not want this...




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