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“Ripe” Is Becoming A Much Bigger Dream

When I first began creating the ebook called “Ripe” (12 nudes and semi-nudes on aging with grace, authenticity and aliveness) it was totally about my healing, and my appreciating my beauty and who I have become. I knew that I did not want this ebook just about me to go out into the world, but just to people who I would choose to send it too. People who I respect and that would understand the entire process of why I did this book. I knew on some level this ebook had deeper meaning.

I then reached out to a writer friend who I deeply respect and also to a female photographer who I had worked with a few years back. Both of whom got very excited about what I had done, and the author encouraging me to involve more women and make the project broader and reach out to women of all colors from 50 on up, and also involving younger women. So now the creative process has become much larger and no longer just about me, and it will be involving many more women and allowing them their own personal experience of being photographed nude or semi-nude. The photographer and I will be choosing the photos and there will be much text involved, but the rest I feel I should remain quiet about. This is also a work in progress and I am so excited that it has become much larger and will be put out there to many, many people.

If when reading this, you would like to become involved in this project, please write to me directly at Www.SherriRosen.Com

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