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Reflections On The Last Day Of 2010

There's a lot going on today. It's the culmination of the entire year. Hard times, good times, losses, breakups, good news, bad news. It's a time of reflection and contemplation. A friend asked me yesterday "how has the year been for you?" And...

Book Review of “Rebel Buddha” Dzogchen Ponlop

What attracted me to this book about Buddhism is that it isn't written with all of the Buddhist jargon. It is what I call "down home" advice for the layperson who is seeking a spiritual path, not a religious one. It is for anyone who is yearning...

Author, Chepaitis and Sen. Schumer Save Mitch

Contact Info: 212-222-1183, Sherri@SherriRosen.Com PRESS RELEASE Barbara Chepaitis, Author of Feathers of Hope, Along With NY Senator Schumer save Eagle Mitch! You may have read about Eagle Mitch in the...

Book Review on “Not Written In Stone” by Kyle Ward

Author Kyle Ward has written "Not Written In Stone", an amazing book about how history keeps changing with the times, and do we ever really know what truly happens. He points out in this book the different history books about Christopher Columbus...

Sherri’s Review of “Eros on the Half Shell” by Michael Fancello

Michael Fancello, and I have been longtime friends. It began in l999 when he called me from his residence in France about his first book “Canopy” and helping to publicize his book in the United States. What I was finding out about...




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