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Reflections On The Last Day Of 2010

There’s a lot going on today. It’s the culmination of the entire year. Hard times, good times, losses, breakups, good news, bad news. It’s a time of reflection and contemplation. A friend asked me yesterday “how has the year been for you?” And immediately I responded saying “it’s been a year of richness, abundance and joy.” It sounded so funny and so true when I said it, but then I said to myself “how the hell could it have been so full of richness, abundance and joy, when I have had so many losses this year?” I’ve done my share of crying, gotten angry, felt hopeless, realized death can strike at any moment, and yet, I said “my year has been rich, abundant and filled with joy.” Well, I guess that’s the deal with being alive. If I don’t run away from the iicky stuff, hang in there with it, acknowledge it, then I can also be there for the good stuff, because it’s also there. At times when I feel like shit or when I have my moments of falling apart, there is an acceptance, whether I like or not, that this is the way life is. When I see and experience my own and other’s limitations, it can be stunningly clear, so clear that I want to turn away from how clearly I see. I want to go into the excuses, get angry, have hope that they or the situation will change, but then, I let it go, I just let it all go and I am in the moment accepting what is. No excuses, no nothing. Just seeing clearly without bullshit. It’s very powerful stuff this reality, and I consistently have to have the courage to accept things as they are and not as I want them to be. Oy!

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