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Autobiographical Memoir Writing Allows Me To Find The Truth

I have found by doing autobiographical memoir writing it has allowed me to be as honest as I can and go deeper into the meaning of my life. The honest writing doesn’t happen overnight. It happens over rewriting and rewriting and writing over a number of years.

I have a few people in my life that I can have deep, meaningful conversations with, but I wanted to find another way, and the autobiographical writing was another way in.

I have allowed myself to be more transparent, go deeper and not remain in superficiality. If there has been something I didn’t want to look at, my writing has helped me to go there.

I have been part of spiritual communities, in therapy, analyzed my dreams, but out of all of the ways in, the writing has been the most powerful. It shows me when my writing is fake, when I am not being real. It has also helped me see when people aren’t being real either in their writing or when I am speaking to them. Not that I would yell out “oh, you are being fake, you aren’t being real”, but it’s an awareness that i have cultivated on finding the truth.

When I write I am truly not concerned whether people read it, agree with it, don’t like it. I write from my truth, and if anyone happens to come along that can identify in some way with it, that’s great. It’s always lovely to be able to touch someone’s life in some way or help them see things more clearly in ways that they hadn’t seen before.

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