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Book Review-“The Mesh”-Why The Future Of Business Is Sharing

This amazing book written by Lisa Gansky. There is so much distrust of old-model companies that people are more open to finding new ways to alternative business models, brands, and lifestyles. People are more willing to give a second look to a...

Do You Give Yourself Away in Relationship or Compromise?

One of the definitions I have found for compromise is a settlement of differences agreed by both parties, and of course I think we all know what giving yourself away means, at least I hope we do. I ask the question to myself and others which is:...

Autobiographical Memoir Writing Allows Me To Find The Truth

I have found by doing autobiographical memoir writing it has allowed me to be as honest as I can and go deeper into the meaning of my life. The honest writing doesn't happen overnight. It happens over rewriting and rewriting and writing over a...

The Triiibes Conference Video

Wonderful social networking group that I am honored to be part of. They are doing great things in the world. Checkout the video and read the book "Triiibes" by Seth Godin and join. Triiibes will be honored to have...




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