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Do You Give Yourself Away in Relationship or Compromise?

One of the definitions I have found for compromise is a settlement of differences agreed by both parties, and of course I think we all know what giving yourself away means, at least I hope we do.

I ask the question to myself and others which is: how many relationships have you been in where you have given yourself away in order to have the relationship last or continue? I know I have been in quite a few, and it was shocking to me when I realized that I was doing that. It’s one thing to be aware and make conscious choices, but it’s another thing to do things mindlessly like giving yourself away and not realize you are doing it. It’s also very disempowering.

In my personal experience I have found just the wonderful things the other was attracted to within me, such as my sparkle and light, was just the thing that they wanted to burnout. How many times are we attracted to the other with qualities that we don’t have within ourselves, and once we receive them from other we want to squelch it, because of fear.

It takes 2 very secure people within themselves to have a healthy relationship and allow one another to be who they are and not try to control each other. I have tried many times in relationship to come to a compromise, but it just hasn’t happened yet. It was either you do it my way or the highway, or a complete silent treatment and know way to work things out, or broken promises and constant “I’m sorry” and here we go again.

So if there is no foundation in the relationship to keep it together when things get difficult, then everything just falls apart, and most people get into either blaming one another and no one wants to take responsibility and own “their shit.” Many don’t even want to know what “their shit” is.

In this revolutionary age of technology people breakup on cellphones, text messaging, post-its, and many have become completely isolated and don’t have a clue how to actually look at another human being, talk and communicate.

So, if you are one of the lucky ones who has a healthy relationship, please continue to take good care of it. I’m still a work in progress.

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