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Book Review-“The Mesh”-Why The Future Of Business Is Sharing

This amazing book written by Lisa Gansky.

There is so much distrust of old-model companies that people are more open to finding new ways to alternative business models, brands, and lifestyles. People are more willing to give a second look to a new merchant, because they have lost confidence in the brands they feel betrayed them.

The recession that began in late 2008 has absolutely beaten down individuals, towns, businesses; people losing their jobs, moving families to new cities, Many people employed by apparently stable and well-trusted companies, such as Cadbury, Activision, Lufthansa, and Xerox. The trauma of this recession has forced people to look at what is really of value to them in their personal and business lives.

The author describes why this new wave of business is called “The Mesh”. “A mesh describes a type of network that allows any node to link in any direction with any other nodes in the system. Every part is connected to every other part, and they move in tandem.” Businesses such a Zip Car, Groupon.

She gives characteristics of a Mesh Business such as:
l. The core offering is something that can be shared within a community, market, or value chain, including products, services, and raw materials.
2. Advanced Web and Mobile Data Networks are used to track goods and aggregate usage, customer, and product information.
3. The focus is on shareable physical goods, including the materials used, which makes local delivery of services and products–and their recovery–valuable and relevant.
4. Offers, news, and recommendations are transmitted largely through word of mouth, augmented by social network services.

This is a dynamite book that will expand your view of work. Check out Lisa Gansky’s website.

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