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Don’t tell me I need publicity. Isn’t it enough I wrote the book!

Writing a book takes months, even years. Finding a publisher and securing a contract can take even longer. By the time your book is bound, shipped, and sitting on your dining room table you feel like you’ve just climbed Mount Everest. The view is stunning, but you are completely drained.

—And then it comes. That phone call from your publisher, that email from the marketing staff: “Dear unknown, unheard-of and obscure author, we will not be marketing your book for you. It’s up to you to spread the word. Writing a great book is only half the job; the other half is promoting it.”

You gulp, and pour yourself another cup of coffee. You are a writer, a wordsmith, a recluse: you did not sign up to launch a speaking career, or to fill your days with an endless stream of blogs, networking, and advertisement. Where do you begin? Who do you contact?

Getting press and establishing a platform is not like shopping for an iPhone. It takes years to build a contact list with radio show hosts, journalists, the hundreds of voices in the blogosphere.

Can you do it yourself? Or do you need the support of people who are highly skilled at what they do and will get your book where it needs to go? Creating that buzz that is so needed for your book takes acumen and dedication. Getting the book into the hands of the right people demands discipline and discernment. Are you a master self-promoter? Do you personally have all of the right connections? All the while, you still have a job, a spouse, children, a house and endless responsibilities.

In hiring a publicist, you let someone else do the hard work for you. You don’t need to invest hours, days, even years, into establishing a network and fostering relationships with the press. Instead, you can establish a relationship with someone small who will pay attention to your book’s personal needs and your goals. You can build a relationship with a small team of publicists who are as excited about your book as you are.

It’s not enough to have a compelling product. You need a solid platform. A good publicist will build that platform for you. You can stay in your robe and slippers, pour another cup of coffee, and watch your sales ranks soar.

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