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Don’t tell me I need publicity. Isn’t it enough I wrote the book!

Writing a book takes months, even years. Finding a publisher and securing a contract can take even longer. By the time your book is bound, shipped, and sitting on your dining room table you feel like you’ve just climbed Mount Everest. The view is...

The London Book Festival 2010

It was an honor for me to accept an award for author Camilla Chance, and her amazing book "Wisdom Man". It is a book well worth reading Www.WisdomManBook.Com) Here are some of the other winners and suggestions on good books to read: LONDON...

“Ripe” Is Becoming A Much Bigger Dream

When I first began creating the ebook called "Ripe" (12 nudes and semi-nudes on aging with grace, authenticity and aliveness) it was totally about my healing, and my appreciating my beauty and who I have become. I knew that I did not want this...

My Next E-Book “Ripe”-this project is growing

“Ripe” (12 Nudes & Semi-Nudes On Aging With Authenticity, Grace And Aliveness) Introduction What prompted the creation of this e-book was the hurtful breakup of a...

Six Writer/Friends Complete Book For Dying Author

Six Writer­friends Complete Book for a Dying Author/Friend When Elizabeth Aleshire was hospitalized after suffering a heart attack last summer, she fully expected to recover and complete her book, 101 Ways You Can Help: How To Offer Comfort...




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