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Best blogs of 2011

We looked over the blogs we have written and that had the most responses and this is what we came up with:

1.  The Benefits of Lying-We learn this from a very early age.  What do you think?

2. Are Publishers Racist?-Have you noticed black writers haven’t been allowed to write white dialogue

3. Writer Doesn’t Agree With Message Publisher and Publicist Are Creating-What does a writer do? Just sit there and say nothing?

4. Who Needs Publicity Anyway-You’ve written the book. Now what?

5. Get Naked-What do you do when you don’t know all of the facts?

6. Paint That Shit Gold-When life throws you curve balls, what do you do?

7. The Value of a Savvy Publicist-Choose someone that knows her stuff

8. Moving In: Commitment and the Writing Life-Writing isn’t an overnight profession

9. Men Don’t Cry-Where did we get this notion that strong men can’t cry?

10. Suzanne and the Black Panthers-So many people don’t have a clue who the Black Panthers are and what they did

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