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Are We Only Attracted To Men & Women’s Bodies That Are Perfection by Sherri Rosen

Article in Elephant Journal-Woman Bares All (nudity). I must warn you if you do view the photos they were taken of a beautiful woman after she had gone
through many cancer surgeries.

This article I believe was originally in an article in a newspaper in Australia. This gorgeous woman decided to brave it all and show photos of her naked after all of the surgeries
she has had with Cancer. If you saw her in a dress or just her face, your first instinct would be to say “she’s so pretty”. But when you scroll down and see her naked she is
challenging you to take all of your preconceived judgements of women’s bodies to tell you life doesn’t work that way. We all don’t have these perfecto bodies, and life can hit us hard even when we are young and have to deal with Cancer. It’s not only women that constantly get hit with the perfect body image but men as well, and it sucks. It sucks for all of us. Because it takes us away from dealing with reality, and doesn’t help us to have meaningful relationships with one another and our bodies.

With all of the photoshopping and our worship of movie stars, musicians, we lose sight of what is real and then we as men and women look in the mirror and say “why don’t I look
like that?” (whomever you worship that’s famous.) Yeah, there are some people on the outside looking in that seem like they have it all like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, but do we really know, because they just look beautiful-they and their rainbow family.) Ironically enough Angelina Jolie just recently went through the removal of her 2 breasts and having breast augmentation surgery.

A few years ago I was working with a photographer on creating a book of photos of nude women over 50 and the book was to be called “Ripe: Aging with Authenticity and Grace”, and the photographer only wanted to work in black and white, which I said yes to. She also was what they call a “street photographer” spontaneously shooting experiences in the street as they happened. So this was a different experience for her. It had to be organized with each women, time and place, and working with each one indoors and working with some who had breast Cancer and had their breasts surgically removed or breast augmentation. She took many photos of many different women, and when she showed me the photos she took of the woman who had breast augmentation surgery after a mastectomy, I was shocked. Not because of the photo, but of the lack of talent this photographer had in taking indoor planned photos. She just made this woman who had the mastectomy look like she was in so much pain, and she wasn’t. If you saw the black and white photo you would see the subect matter was totally proud of her body, but something was lacking from the eye of the photographer. It felt as though the photographer when shooting this subject was totally repulsed by what she was shooting. I hadn’t been happy with any of the other photos of other women she had taken photos of, but when I saw this one I knew she was the wrong photographer for this project. She and I both spoke about it and she finally admitted to me that she wasn’t happy with her work and no longer wanted to be involved.

I still haven’t found a photographer to work on this project. I still want to create the book, but now after seeing the photos of the woman who showed herself all dressed up with her beautiful face and nice figure, and then showed us what it looks like to go through Cancer surgeries and what it does to your body, I believe I want to create a book of women
just like her. Again, life can hit you hard with unexpected challenges, and it’s what we do with these challenges that can either help us or destroy us.

So next time you admire a gorgeous man or woman with all of the perfect body parts, take a moment to look in the mirror at yourself and please love what you see or practice loving what you see, because it will eventually come true-you will love and appreciate what you see and be grateful. Please be grateful if you have good health. It’s such a gift.
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