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Interview w/Dr.Robert Tostado-author of wtf* is wrong with your health

Sherri Rosen- Why did you leave family practice/ traditional medicine and go into regenerative medicine? Dr. Tostado-My gut told me something was wrong with our way of treating patients, we were trained to prescribe something for every symptom...

Are We Only Attracted To Men & Women’s Bodies That Are Perfection by Sherri Rosen

Article in Elephant Journal-Woman Bares All (nudity). I must warn you if you do view the photos they were taken of a beautiful woman after she had gone through many cancer...

What Would You Do If You Were Told You Had Alzheimer’s?

What Would You Do If You Were Told You Had Alzheimer's? Island Girl by Lynda Simmons (Berkley Trade Publications, $l5.00, pub date: December, 2010, ISBN 978-425-23724-3) NEW YORK, NY (October, 2010): Author Lynda Simmons poses this question...




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