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Our Country Has Been Infected by Cancer by Sherri Rosen

    OUR COUNTRY HAS BEEN INFECTED by CANCER t’s been a slow process of our country getting Cancer. I believe many of us have not been paying attention to many of the males in...

No More Pink! I Just Want A Cure For Cancer Now! by Sherri Rosen

As you all know it's Cancer Awareness Month. Wearing pink clothes, wearing pink bows, pink sneakers, having marathons to rasie money for Cancer Cures. I'm tired of the color pink. I'm tired of Cancer Awareness Month. I want a cure now. There...

Are We Only Attracted To Men & Women’s Bodies That Are Perfection by Sherri Rosen

Article in Elephant Journal-Woman Bares All (nudity). I must warn you if you do view the photos they were taken of a beautiful woman after she had gone through many cancer...




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