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What I’m Learning From Aging by Sherri Rosen, Sherri Rosen Publicity Intl, NYC

1. Self Care is important, and if I don’t do it know one else will. How can anyone else know what I need or want accept me.

2.  Don’t waste anymore time with online dating to find a companion.  Too much juice in my life to take up my time in going out with all of these strangers who don’t even come close to what kind of a lover I would want to be with.  Just don’t have that kind of time anymore. If it’s meant to be it will happen when I least expect it.

3.  It’s okay for me being alone. I’m happy with me. I’m the best company for me there is.  Used to be afraid of being alone, and make some really bad choices because of my fear.

4.  Remembering some lusty, juicy memories of past loves. That makes me feel good. I’m grateful I have so many wonderful memories.

5.  I don’t ever give up on me no matter how tough things are.  As a result of not giving up on me, I don’t give up on the people

that I care about even if they do some stupid shit.  We all have done stupid shit.

6.  Laugh. For God’s sakes laugh.  Life is insane, especially now, so make damn sure I laugh a lot.  Got to balance out all of the weird shit going on.

7.  Be with people of all ages, colors, cultures.  Learning from the young is amazing.  Learning about life as another color or culture is eye opening, learning my world gets bigger and bigger as I do this.

8.  Dance, for goodness sake dance.  Even if you suck at it.  Move that booty and shake that body.  You got to keep movin’ otherwise you die.

9.  Don’t dwell on the past.  It doesn’t help!  When Ram Dass said “Be Here Now” he knew what he was talking about.  If I dwell on the past how can i appreciate the magic in my life now.

l0.  Speaking of magic. Make sure there is magic in your life. It’s all around you every day.  If you can be open, present, you will experience magic.

11. Not afraid to feel my pain.  If I could not feel my pain I could not feel my joy.  Also, I’m not afraid to express my pain to someone I trust. And if I’m having a bad day and someone asks me “How are you doing?” I’m not afraid to say “lousy”.

12.  I’ve chosen to take the road less traveled, but I’ve had experiences on this path that many have not.

13.  Speak my truth.  I don’t want to lose me so it’s important to always speak my truth, unless I know that I will cause unnecessary pain to the person.  Sometimes it’s okay to lie.

14. Work until I die, no matter what I’m doing for that work.  It makes me feel so alive.  Working, performing, writing, creating, it’s all so juicy.

15. It’s okay if I love staying home being in my house. I loooove my house.  It’ s beautiful with all of it’s flowers, colors, light and love in it. Why wouldn’t I love my home.

16.  Don’t travel just because everyone else is.  Travel when I want to and make my travel with a purpose, such as visiting a friend overseas that needs support, deciding spontaneously to visit a faraway place that I’ve never been to and getting involved deep into the culture and learning about it and it’s people or volunteering overseas, perhaps at an elephant sanctuary in Thailand.

17.  Loving unconditionally.  Oh, has this been a bitch for me.  I learned this from my children. Accept them the way they are and not the way I want them to be. What a huge lesson that was life changing.  And allow them to live the way they want to live. It’s their life not mine.

18.  Being independent financially and not having to worry about me taking care of me.  Sure, if anything happens to me, I know my children will be there for me, but it’s so freeing to be financially independent.

19.  The family I was raised in didn’t do good things with their money. They hurt a lot of people with it. I learned if I had money I could make myself and others happy with what I did with it.  

20.  Judging others! Why bother! Accept them if even if some make me want to throwup.  I don’t have to live with them. Although I must admit I have really bad thoughts about Donald Trump and is family because some people and things they say are totally unacceptable to me.  

21.  My body is changing as I age. I still look amazing but when I am naked and look at my body in the mirror I say “my my you have changed” and I know that if a lover comes along in my life the lover will love me and my body.

That’s all for today folks.  Except one last thing. I am so damn grateful.  Truly grateful.  Have a blessed life, mine is 🙂

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