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Daily Meditation on Impeachment created by Sherri Rosen

A few weeks ago, quite spontaneously, I began posting daily meditations on impeachment for the entire crew in the WH.

I found rather than going for the negative, that imaging a positive outcome for our country was a much better way to go.  As a result I created these Daily Impeachment Meditations to assist all of us in ridding the evil in the WH. It works!! Here it goes: Please pass along. It only takes 5 minutes out of your day:

“Reminder: Take care of yourselves. An awful time we are going through. Imagine yourself in good health and imagine the WH door open and all of them evil ones are going out the door to be #Impeached. Picture good people coming into the WH and our country goes green and we’ve created peace throughout the world. Also picture more Democrats winning local races! Think this is crazy! It works! Better than having negative feelings about it all. Again let’s all do self care. Much love to all. #RESIST #IMPEACH

Please pass along.

Sherri Rosen

Sherri Rosen

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