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Daily Meditation on Impeachment created by Sherri Rosen

A few weeks ago, quite spontaneously, I began posting daily meditations on impeachment for the entire crew in the WH. I found rather than going for the negative, that imaging a positive outcome for our country was a much better way to go.  As a...

How I Connect To Genuine Appreciation In My Life by Sherri Rosen

I am so busy in daily life that many times I take things for granted, and sometimes I just have to stop myself, get off the fast track, do some meditation, calm down and take in all of the genuine appreciation in my life. I have been having a...

So How Would Mindfulness Make A Difference In Your Life? by Sherri Rosen

Are you aware of the way you speak to people? Do you have any idea of how you come across to others? When you are brushing your teeth, are you even aware you are brushing your teeth or is your mind somewhere else thinking of the next thing you...




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