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Interview w/Dr.Robert Tostado-author of wtf* is wrong with your health

Sherri Rosen- Why did you leave family practice/ traditional medicine and go into regenerative medicine?

Dr. Tostado-My gut told me something was wrong with our way of treating patients, we were trained to prescribe something for every symptom and maintain people on medication for a given disease for the rest of their life, not working on getting rid of the disease. I soon came to realize that I was a well educated pharmaceutical rep pushing the latest drugs without any endpoint in sight. I was a trained precriptionist, not a preventionist and this didn’t sit well with me, in fact, I was ready to quit my career in medicine after all that fucken sacrifice and training. I was in a crisis with my conscience. Years later, I came across fellow defectors at an alternative medicine conference where I was made aware of methods of healing and not maintaining disease, through nutrition and herbs and other therapies. My intuition of healing through food manifested.

SR. What is regenerative medicine ?

Dr.T.Not accepting deterioration as normal. Not accepting chronic disease as part of life. Applying awareness, nutrition, detoxification, bio-identical hormones, stem cell therapy, vitamins and supplements to help heal the body and prevent disease to create wholesomeness , energy, happiness and quality lives for people.

SR. Why are you a rebel?

Dr.T.Maybe because I prefer broccoli over pharmaceuticals for long term health. If helping people get healthy is an act of rebellion and makes me a rebel then I am a rebel with a cause, a human cause. We should all rebel against this acquiescence to chronic disease and chronic medication and chronic processed foods that have been pervasive for decades eroding any semblance of normalcy or health mindedness in any real way.

SR. WTF is wrong with our health?

Dr.T.For starters our health care system which in reality is a disease care system. Modern medicine or pharmaceutical medicine has its place in treating acute illness or surgery or heart attacks/strokes, etc but it has infiltrated the entire spectrum of disease care as a model for living with disease. This notion of health care has been turned upside down to require drugs to keep us healthy long term, how fucked up is that? Quite! Then the food industry that has created a mythology that fat is bad for us for over 50 years subsequently leading to more obesity, heart disease l, diabetes and cancer by replacing good fats with synthetic vegetable oils, margarine and highly processed foods, everything in a convenient box, bag or fast food that have made us more fat, inflamed with inflammatory disease and sugarholic so that 30 is now the new 60. We truly have become the generation of degeneration all because preservative, pesticide filled foods and synthetic drugs have preserved profits and shelf life not health. Hence, this is why we are so F’d up with chronic disease and childhood obesity, diabetes becoming more common

SR. Increasing smiles, seriously? reversing disease ? Come on, really? I don’t have to be diabetic the rest of my life?

Dr.T.Yes, smiles when you live without chronic anything and more time feeling good than dispirited from a life controlled by disease. Your empowered self that you become through food medicine and reversing modern day disease by lifestyle and food choice is what brings smiles and happiness. Say farewell to diabetes, obesity, chronic fatigue, insomnia, and replace drugs with food that heals.

SR. Is this just another diet book by a doctor that people will try then move on to the next best newest thing?

Dr.T.No. It’s a practical understanding of how you can make wholesome foods your way of eating the rest of your life to prevent disease or reverse disease. It doesn’t matter if someone chooses to be vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, ketogenic, Paleolithic, whatever label, I prefer wholesomefoods-aterian, as long as real fresh foods replace fake processed foods 80-90 percent of the time so that you can have that occasional doughnut, bagel or churro. It’s about tailoring food to your cultural and taste preference from the spectrum of whole organic or home grown foods with the occasional junk, really. Diets can be so restrictive that most people can’t sustain that diet as a lifestyle and so default to processed foods. Too many people are dieting all the time as a lifestyle rather than adopting fresh food preferences as a lifestyle that is enjoyable and easily sustainable life long. This is the basis to preventing disease from home. More trips to the farmers market equates to less visits to your doctor . So eat your goddam broccoli and smile!

SR. Detox? What is this, I’m not a drug addict!

Dr.T.Detox in this sense is a “crappy food” detox to allow toxins from processed foods, heavy metals, hormones, antibiotics, food colorings, sugars, chemicals, etc, to exit our bodies by introducing whole fresh foods daily, eliminating all things processed from the body, more formally, adding supplements with minerals, enzymes and vitamins from plant nutrients(like our detox at IBODY) to facilitate the elimination of toxins through our liver, intestines and kidneys while learning what foods heal the body rather than poison the body. People learn by tasting and experiencing good fats, varieties of fruits and vegetables, soups, salads, lentils, wild caught fish, animal proteins not adulterated with hormones or chemicals, to feel more energy, deeper sleep and empowered through wholesome foods. Think of detox like changing the filter of your car, it runs better and you get better mileage. Your main filter is the liver, so cleaning it up with clean foods removes the gunk and gives you more pep,establishing a routine and healthy lifestyle predicated on fresh foods not processed foods, which unfortunately have become part of our daily lives and disease. I do 3 week detoxes two- three times a year and this is what I recommend to my patients. It takes around three weeks to establish good habits and break bad habits with food choices.

SR. Is traditional medicine helpful in any way?

Dr.T.Yes. We need acute care for heart attacks and strokes or life saving surgeries or antibiotics for infections. We might need to prescribe insulin for diabetes or steroids for asthma. However, the endgame should be to teach everyone about food medicine and lifestyle to prevent these potential life threatening conditions and encourage a quality life rather than suffering from a life compromised by disease.  Educating people on nutrition and food choices can eliminate the need for lifelong medication .

SR. What if I like doughnuts? Or my wine? Or crave Captain Crunch? Do we really have to give up everything to be healthy?

Dr.T.No. 80/20 as a lifestyle is the whole point . Eat your wholesome foods that you prefer, your spices, your cultural food flavors without giving up your favorite treats that you can have a day or two out of the week. This is a realistic approach to becoming what you eat with a healthy outlook and making it a part of your life, not a temporary diet. Put the Captain Crunch down, you’re already 47 years old not 8!

SR. I’m eating healthy and exercising but still have difficulty losing weight or increasing energy, why?

Dr.T.Hormone imbalance and too many built up toxins over the years. Too many people fall into this category because of the impact of processed foods, antibiotics, hormones in foods, pesticides that accumulate in our bodies, consequently, disrupting normal hormone activity or production, slower metabolism less fat burning and more fat storing. Starts with nutrition, detox of liver, possibly addressing thyroid, cortisol and testosterone to reestablish hormone balance and increase fat metabolism. Processed foods have EDC’s l—endocrine destructive chemicals—that lower hormone production resulting in more body fat, fatigue, less lean muscle , lack of confidence, anxiety, decreased motivation. So the balance of nutrition, elimination of toxins and hormone balancing increases energy, decreases fat and increases smiles!

Dr. Tostado’s book is sold on Amazon.

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