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Online Dating? 20 Tips to Move You Through Without Fear of Being Genuine & of Being Alone

When you are online dating there is much you can tell about a person just by viewing their profiles and that’s a good thing, but there are some people out there that come across really cool, but they have an agenda, and a lot of times, me,...

Online Dating? Don’t Be Afraid To Be Genuine & Be Willing To Be Alone!

I never really realized how lousy online dating is until now. Or is it that I have become so aware that I am seeing things with potential people I am dating that i’ve never paid attention to before. It’s quite astonishing to me. As a result...

20 Tips On Online Dating-How To Spot Someone That’s NOT For You-Save Time!

l. If he/she has no photo up. How serious are they to meet someone? Most everyone has photos of themselves up 2. Look at their profile carefully-if all they speak about is sex and you want more then just sex, pay attention-they aren't for...

Give Me Your Truth: A Candid look at pr profiles on dating sites by Sherri Rosen

Give Me Your Truth: A Candid Look at PR Profiles on Dating Sites Online dating often gets a bad rap. The black hole of the internet. Sour first dates. Stalkers. You get the idea. But online dating can be a practical and efficient way to meet...




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