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My Next E-Book “Ripe”-this project is growing

(12 Nudes & Semi-Nudes On Aging With
Authenticity, Grace And Aliveness)


What prompted the creation of this e-book was the hurtful breakup of a relationship with a man that I loved very much. He said he loved me, and then one day just turned his back on me and walked away.

So the grief, anger and hurt got me thinking and feeling, and when I was away on a l0-day retreat in July, 2010, the idea came to me of creating 12 nude and semi-nude photographs of myself called “Ripe.”

So why the nudes? Just because the man that I loved turned his back on me and walked away didn’t mean he took away the magic, sexuality, sensuality, aliveness, spirituality and love that I brought to the relationship. He may not have appreciated it, but he certainly didn’t take anything away from me because I realized it was there all the time.

It took a great deal of courage to confront my body image as a woman, especially when for years and years, the media and our culture has consistently told us as women we should look like everything we are not. We are encouraged to be fake, to not show the genuine, authentic us, and we are encouraged not to tell the truth.

So what better way to be honest, not hide, then by creating 12 nudes and semi-nudes of myself. I couldn’t have hid in these photos even if I wanted to.

I encourage women and men to do this process. It is so healing to confront what is right there. I have come to accept and love my body. I feel once the acceptance happened a deeper sense of love was able to appear. I realized that for years I had been fighting off feeling beautiful inside and out. After the photo sessions were completed I realized that for the first time in my life, I totally accepted me as the beautiful woman I am today. This was no bullshit. This was totally real and it shocked me that I had never loved myself in this way; that’s how subtle and insidious it can be.

It was also important for me working with a photographer who I trusted and I found that in Herb Way (Www.HerbWayPhoto.Com). Herb has been photographing women in the nude for years, and his photos show great respect for women of all colors.

I wanted to work with a designer of the book, who I could trust, and that was in my friend and assistant, Amy Rosenberg. I knew Amy would show the love, respect and understanding that this type of project deserved.

You may like the photos, you may love them, you may say how could she, you may not even care, but this book is more about me, and having the courage to “Ripe” with age.

By the way, this project will become bigger and we are seeking women who are 50 on up who would like to be part of this project.

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4 Responses to “My Next E-Book “Ripe”-this project is growing”

  1. Ray Sliva Says:

    You couldn’t have picked a better photographer. I consider myself a good photographer but I doubt that I could ever match Herb on the subject of women’s bodies.

  2. Roz Ayres-Williams Says:

    I applaud your decision to celebrate yourself in this way. While our body is the house for our spirit and soul, those elements have a way of decorating the “outside,” shining through the skin, eyes, senses and motions to help create our personal look, feel, and style. When we learn to love the house “we” live in, we’re happy and want to show it to the world. I agree with Ray that photographer Herb Way is the best in the world at working with women to bring out their best nude moments. And I also agree with you that more women should experience the joy of declaring their sense of freedom, ownership and self-acceptance. Good luck with the book!

  3. Herb Way Says:

    Thank you, everyone for your appreciation of my work. It’s a labor of love. I look forward to using my photography to help more women feel liberated, empowered, and healed.

    I’m looking forward to reading your book, Sherri.

  4. suzanne bellamy Says:

    Love the idea.Tried to forward this to others but lack the needed knowledge!? I’m still interested do you have a deadline? also couldn’t find the Panther interview~

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