t’s been a slow process of our country getting Cancer. I believe many of us have not been paying attention to many of the males in politics that have caused this Cancer.

If Cancer has a sex, right now I would say it’s male. Why because in this day and age most men dominate our Congress and it’s most Republican men and
our horrendous president and all of his cronies around him that have infected us with this Cancer. They are evil in every sense of the word.

Because of so much greed in this country, morality, honesty, respect and kindness have been dumped. Like it happens in a bad relationship when you see the light, you want out.

But the infection is oozing a great deal of pus and it’s oozing all over the USA and the world. And we have to do something about it.

Like an aggressive Cancer we have to give large doses of chemo and radiation.

What we are trying to do is not only dig deep into Mueller’s investigation which the Cancer is trying to stop.

We are also trying to get good people elected to Congress who care about this country and flip it so we can reinstate all of the good programs that we once had.

The Cancer can destroy us if we don’t wakeup to the fact that we MUST heal the wound now.

We must not allow greed, immorality, hatred, unkindness, no empathy to rule our country. We must continuously RESIST IMPRISON