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Our Country Has Been Infected by Cancer by Sherri Rosen

    OUR COUNTRY HAS BEEN INFECTED by CANCER t’s been a slow process of our country getting Cancer. I believe many of us have not been paying attention to many of the males in...

My Wild & Wacky Journey in 2017-A List-Sherri Rosen

1.The minute I knew Agent Orange was in the running for President I knew I could no longer be complacent in politics.  I will now always be involved no matter what. 2.To witness the extent of evil like i’ve never seen before with Agent Orange et...

Imagine A Life For Girls,Women Not Worrying About Sexual Abuse

I want to focus on girl’s and women’s (I happened to be one) sexual abuse. I know there are many men out there who’ve suffered but today I'm focusing on women.  I don’t want to focus on what has happened to me. I want to focus on what...