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Daily Meditation on Impeachment created by Sherri Rosen

A few weeks ago, quite spontaneously, I began posting daily meditations on impeachment for the entire crew in the WH. I found rather than going for the negative, that imaging a positive outcome for our country was a much better way to go.  As a...

Do You Understand What Microaggresions Are? Sherri Rosen….  Do you understand what microaggressions are?  Subtle ways we've been conditioned to say racist remarks to others. Please checkout the short YouTube videos and you’ll get it! Please pass on. When you...

“No One Is Going To Tell Me Who To Love!” Is a Political Act!! by Sherri Rosen

No One Is Going To Tell Me Who To Love!! Is A Political Act! Being a woman and Jewish I know what the experience is like of being the underdog and being ridiculed.   I never met anyone in my...